I made this program to gain as much information as possible about the objects that make an Access database. I have never tried it with other types of databases, but as it is made using ADO it should not be a problem adding some extra code to handle those ones.
By all honesty I have to say that the code was not fully implemented by me: it is based on the original code by Francesco Balena. His project was a good starting point to add more features and a slighlty more user-friendly interface.


  • Shows information about tables, views, procedures, groups and users of an Access database.
  • Displays properties of columns, indexes, keys (for each table) and commands (for each queries) (see Figure 2 and Figure 3).
  • Table contents are available when selecting 'em (see Figure 1).
  • Is it possible to have a table showing the results of a VIEW: when selecting a VIEW a message box requests whether or not to execute the query.
  • A tool is available to convert a view or a procedure into a Visual Basic procedure that returns a string containing the SQL command (see Figure 3).
  • Source code includes the MyMsgBox form and module, the code for adding a progressbar into a statusbar and a "standard" about box fully customizable and other personal library modules.
Executable: ADOX
Source: ADOX_Source


Original version: Francesco Balena
This version: Francesco Balena and Daniele Giabbai.
Please, take the time to read the copyright license.

Copyright © 2001-2005 Daniele Giabbai