Automatic Error Handling Pro

This program helps you in inserting code to handle errors in Visual Basic procedures. It does automatically insert, in every selected procedure, the necessary code to handle errors (the (in)famous "On Error GoTo Label" statement).


  • Add:
    1. Error handling code
    2. Line numbers (if feature is enabled).
    3. Tracing of procedures (if feature is enabled).
  • Remove is limited to the code inserted by this program or that has the same format of code added by this program.
  • Options:
    1. Make back-up copies of all files being modified (this option is active by default).
    2. Ignore procedures with specified trailing text when selecting from the treeview, when loading a project or when selecting files using the provided buttons in the toolbar. This is meant to avoid adding error handling code/tracing/line-numbers, for example, to some event procedures.
    3. Limit selection of files of the project when loading a new one.
  • Current code view panel
  • Code preview (within the settings panel).

To Do:

  • Resize panels
  • Save preferences (preferred way: in a file)

Executable: AutoErrorPro

Daniele Giabbai.
Please, take the time to read the copyright license.

Automatic Error Handling Pro v.1.1.0
* (Pretty) big change: added the possibility to track execution by numbering
code lines.
* Added a checkbox to permit users to add tracing or not.
* Added an "unselect all" command (which was actually already available by
deselecting the root node: that's what actually the new button does).
* Added an "about" button.
* Added the possibility to choose what to select on project load.
* Added the possibility to ignore procedures which name has a user-defined

Automatic Error Handling Pro v.1.0.12
* Just added the icons representing MDI forms in the "Legend" tab.

Automatic Error Handling Pro v.1.0.11
* First published version.

Figure 1

Copyright © 2001-2005 Daniele Giabbai